The Travel Advice Centre

Our professional, experienced team manage customer service issues and complaints for travel companies serving the UK and Ireland markets.

We work with tour operators, travel agents, bed banks, cruise lines, coach companies, airlines and dynamic packaging agents to help them manage and resolve their consumer complaints and claims.

At The Travel Advice Centre we understand that customer complaints need to be handled quickly and effectively, and require an expert knowledge of the industry and its many regulations. Most importantly, we know the value to your business of retaining a good relationship with your customers.

Contact us today - to discuss how we can help your travel company manage your customer service issues – and save your business time and money.


Complaints management service

We provide flexible and cost-effective outsourcing options for small to medium size travel businesses.

We can operate as your company's own customer services function – or help you out in times of high demand. You can use our services to manage individual complaints – and if you need advice on how to handle an issue we are there at the end of the phone.

Customer service training courses for the travel trade industry

We provide customer services and complaint handling training for the travel trade industry. Courses are tailored to the specific needs of your business and can take place in your workplace in the UK or abroad in resort.

Companies we work with have reported significantly improved team performance and customer service standards following our training programmes.

Contact us to discuss our flexible training options and how we can help your team increase their understanding of customer service issues, and improve performance.

Save your business time, money - and stress

Dealing with complaints is time consuming, frustrating and difficult. And not managing them effectively can impact the success and reputation of your business.

The team at The Travel Advice Centre has over 20 years experience managing customer service issues and complaints on behalf of travel companies.

Contact us today to find out we can save your business time and money - and make your life a little easier.